project management

Once the initial negotiations on key parameters of the transaction have been successful, the due diligence process will commence.

The due diligence aims to confirm or correct the buyer's initial assessment of the value of the target company by conducting a detailed examination and analysis of every aspect of the target company’s operations – its financials including the business plan, assets and liabilities, customers, human resources, etc.

I will assist with the overall project management which includes

  • Arranging and participating in management interviews, expert sessions and site visits
  • Assisting in the selection of other advisors such as legal, accounting, tax, HR, business etc.
  • Coordination of due diligence process such as data room management and Q&A
  • Assisting in the negotiation of key transaction documents such as sale and purchase agreement, joint venture contracts etc.
  • Drafting of communication to shareholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders
  • Coordination of financing arrangements
  • Preparation of post-merger integration phase